The Quiet Lamb

by Her Name is Calla

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Matt Lotus
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Matt Lotus I can't really say what my favourite track is, so I'm just choosing the one that leads to the many

absolutely majestic sounds, they glow towards you and get trapped within
they grow inside and take tight root around your feelings as they ripen and fall Favorite track: Moss Giant.
Dr. Beaf
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Dr. Beaf It is best to listen to this album with a patient mood as it will make the listening experience much better. Why? It builds suspense slowly, and has plenty of quiet parts that brood emotionally, and it crescendos as quickly as it dies right back that makes it very fragmented. This album is all about varying dynamics and instrumentation which takes its time. It's very fulfilling and very beautiful. Favorite track: The Union : I Worship a Golden Sun.
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Peter There are songs which tell emotion which you simply cannot express. This album houses a bunch of those few songs that touch your heart like only a few will probably do in your whole life. Favorite track: Pour More Oil.
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released November 4, 2010

Tom Morris - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Organ

Sophie Green - Violin, Vocals, Percussion

Adam Weikert - Drums, Double Bass, Piano, Vocals, Recorder, Theremin, Organ

Michael Love - Bass, Vocals, Percussion

Thom Corah - Trombone, Vocals, Synthesis, Max MSP, Harmonica, Percussion

Mixed and Produced by Tom Morris and Adam Weikert



all rights reserved


Her Name is Calla Leeds, UK

Friends from all over the United Kingdom, playing an array of intruments from dictaphones to banjos. Touring veterans.
Described by NME as 'massive, pastorally apocalyptic music" and by The Sun as 'rare and beautiful'.


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Track Name: A Blood Promise
A frozen wasteland of hope and glory,
Of History repeating, failing and creeping.
I made a blood promise. I laid my stake here.
But no one knows us and nothing feels like home anymore
Faith for all of us.
Questions for older men.
Track Name: Pour More Oil
No sense in me lying to you
This is going to hurt me more than you
A wave of endorphins
A cold shoulder
and a mighty blow
to the back of the skull
I'm in an aircraft out of control
I'm in an aircraft out of control

Pour more oil on us
Wrap your hands around my heart again
I am home at last
Track Name: Condor and River
They found your
Clothes by a Lake
I held my breath
I followed the current southwards
Until I found your secret place

Your Body
Wrapped in vines
Your body covered in Cuts
Your body surrounded by Quiet
Your body surrounded by Dark
Track Name: Long Grass
The grass has grown tall
it's covered my footprints
the safe rope is breaking
and I won't find my way back to you

The wilderness closes in quietly
and I'm alone with hungry lions
but it's enough to know you'll come looking.
Track Name: Homecoming
I don't think we're safe
and how many ropes will you tie?
Give me all your strength
Give me all your love
and how many ropes will you tie?
How many rope is enough?
Track Name: Thief
Filming you sleep
Kissing French style
with no feelings at all

Forgetting to love you
and you forgetting to love me back.

Restless for Adventure
but too scared to go out
Reading lots but nothing sinks in
Adrenaline Rushing but going nowhere

Taking but not giving.
Track Name: The Union : I Worship a Golden Sun
Getting better
Day by day
with no more opression

The Union's repairing
The Union's growing

I worship a golden sun
I worship a dying sun
Track Name: The Union: Into the West
Into the West
Into the Union
When my heart stops in my chest
Heaven, I've been coming for you
I've been loving you
Someone sing me my last song
Sing me into the next life