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KoH A truly great album. Found it by accident, Somewhat reminiscent of Radiohead's 'Amnesiac' period, in particular the 4th song, Ragman Roll, reminds me of the Pyramid Song. Which is a good thing for sure. Favorite track: I Was On The Back Of A Nightingale.
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Tyler heart-wrenching lyrics atop one of the best-produced albums I've heard in years. hard to pigeonhole; folk, but not. electronic, but not. a great album. Favorite track: Dreamlands.
Chad Murray
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Chad Murray An eclectic mix of excellent tracks building to a crescendo in Burial with the phrase "I don't have choices only anger" - Triumphantly melancholy, explosively delivered. Undoubtedly awesome. Favorite track: Burial.
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Navigator is the third album by Her Name is Calla. It follows on from their critically acclaimed album The Quiet Lamb. Written over the course of the last three tumultuous years as life, death, distance, divorce and everything else in between tried its best to pull the band apart. It retains the bands own personal sound of soaring strings, and crescendos with footing equally in rock, electronica and folk. Navigator is a story of dreams that fail and do not materialise as youth slips away. It is the story of leaving one life behind and heading into the unknown of another. It is a story of losing love, life, faith and identity, and the great depression that brings. More importantly, it is about finding the way back home again.


released May 5, 2014


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Her Name is Calla Leeds, UK

Described by NME as 'massive, pastorally apocalyptic music" and by The Sun as 'rare and beautiful'.

Yes. We were in The Sun.

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Track Name: I Was On The Back Of A Nightingale
I was on the back of a nightingale, living like a king;
Listening to the songs that you’d sing.
Home fires were burning and the smoke stung our eyes;
We were blind from birth, until that night.

Love grows old and we die younger each time.
Heaven loves a martyr

And how am I supposed to run with my legs sunk in the mud?
I wish I had grown up a little longer
And if we’d flown south, we’d have a home at least for now;
Love grows old
And I lived like a king
Track Name: The Roots Run Deep
Back out on the road when we were young,
We thought buildings would be named after us.
I burrowed under ground as deep as I could,
I didn’t belong up top and the sun was too bright anyway.
I took you with me, held on for as long as I could;
Until you broke free and fed yourself into he night.

I’m alone in here now, I’m alone in here now and I’m mixed up
I’m alone in here now, I’m alone in here now and I’m mixed up
Track Name: Ragman Roll
I'll be the pauper
if you be the slave
we're so damn entitled
and so very brave

The sudden drops of insulin
when your shadow fills the door
we only want what's ours
we only want what's ours

The last of an enclave
a republic of doe
I just got my papers through
a draft in the row

It's not like I loved you
it's not like I cared
we're just playing parts
we're just playing parts

it was you who rushed the stage
it was you who rushed the stage
it was you who rushed the stage
Track Name: Meridian Arc
You parted the waves, you parted the waves;
You let me escape
Ashes and skin, ashes and skin;
I’m not supposed to be here
Meridian arc; you know how it ends
But I’m not there yet

How can I take from this master plan?
Let the waves carry us

Meridian arc, you know how it ends
But I’m not there yet

Bound together by what I thought was hope,
I’m a wreck! I’m a wreck!
Tell me what it is you want from me,
I’m a wreck! I’m a wreck!
Track Name: Navigator
In the belly of a bird, I travelled across the sea;
Nothing sounded more peaceful,
Than the white noise of saltwater.

To every bird his song,
To every man his wrong

I made you a promise, I would come back;
A hypocrite holds her words.
As wrong as I was, and as good as you were,
It’s still not enough

To every bird his song,
To every man his wrong
Choke on words.
Track Name: Burial
No one has to know, because no one will care.
You trusted this with me,
I let it slip away.
I took both your dogs out back,
And buried them with pieces of you.
I don’t have choices only anger.
And this will be my final mistake.
Track Name: A Second Life
A lasting sound from memory,
A heart that’s full of history,
A second life that falls apart,
Where were you when mine broke into two?
Track Name: It Was Flood
It was flood, it had come;
I broke habits to end up in your bed.
Television told us something, I wasn’t listening;
I was falling asleep across your breast,
Couldn’t tell if you were breathing.
The film was on loop through the night.

Like a bloodied rose between your lips,
We were holding each other tight until our spines cracked.
And it was over before it began.
Track Name: Dreamlands
Where the two fault lines meet
Hung from a tree upside down
Blood rushing to my head
Trying to feed myself

Can I worship your body?
Live inside your skin?
With one hand tight round your heart
Sleeping inside your womb
Claw marks all over my back
Blood rushing to my head

A grave, grave of your own
Sing me a homecoming tale
When do you show your face? Is it in the trees looking down?
Roots wrap around our songs and plant seeds. I'll write this down in the morning
I did what you asked me. Now I'm not sure that you ever spoke to me at all,
Scenes of deep red, green fields and I'm home again
But I'm still confused.
Track Name: Perfect Prime
I swallowed the roots of the trees,
And they grew deep down inside like they wanted me.
In the north of the field where I grow,
Find the hand reaching out of the ground towards the sun and up into the sky.
Lose me inside your heart and we’ll love just like we did,
Into the last life and the ones before.
Time broke us down into dust,
And we became one another.

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